National Dodgeball Festival 2018



Note: 2018 rule changes will be announced in February 2018.  There will be only minor adjustments from 2017.

Games will be officiated by one referee.  Our referees are trained in the competitive leagues and will be visiting from London, Ottawa, Toronto, North Bay and Mississauga.

The following changes have been made to our existing rule book for the 2016 National Dodgeball festival.

Page 3 - The Team

Our courts will be caged in at the dimensions 30x60. There will be no ball retrievers.

Page 3 – The Court

The court will measure 30x60 inside the cage. There will be a center line. YOU MAY REACH OVER THE CENTER LINE. Extra players will stand outside the cage in between games. A line shall mark where players stand when knocked out.

Attack lines – these will be marked. During opening rush a ball must be passed back over the attack line before it can be thrown at the opposing team.

Page 4 – The Equipment

Competitive divisions will use 7” balls (6)

Recreational Division will have choice. Each team will be allowed to choose 3 balls before the match. Team may choose three 7” or three 8.5” balls for the match or a combination there of. This allows for various leagues who play with various ball types.

Page 4 – The Match

Matches will be 26 minutes of game play divided into two 13 minute halves with a five minute half time.

Matches ending in a tie during round robin matches will remain a tie.

Page 6 – Corollaries

(c) There will be no out of bounds except on the side of the outline. Players who step out of bounds on this side shall follow the existing out of bounds rules.

Players cannot catch a ball or trap it after it has hit the fence. The fence makes the ball dead.

Page 7 – Boundaries

Players may reach over the center line to retrieve a ball but may not use an object to balance.

Page 9 – Sudden Death

There will be no come backs during sudden death. Once you are knocked out you are out for the remainder of the game once sudden death starts.

Referees will start a new game in the first half if the previous game ends with 30 seconds or more left on the clock

Referees will start a new game in the second half if the previous game ends with 30 seconds or more left on the clock.

If the buzzer sounds to end the match in the second half and the game is score spread is 2 points or more there will be no sudden death overtime played.

Page 13 – Ball Retrievers

There will be no ball retrievers used during the festival.


Fair Play Policy

In order to maintain a positive, fun yet competitive environment, the N.D.F. (National Dodgeball Festival) will adopt the following Fair Play Policy. All participants are required to sign the Fair Play Form and adhere to its rules.

This policy is meant to deter negative and aggressive behavior both during the game and after. The referees have the power to assign both yellow cards and red cards. Yellow cards are a warning. Players receiving two yellow cards in one match will be ejected from that match. Yellow cards are assigned for unsportsmanlike behavior or SERIOUS infractions of the Head Shot Rule in recreational play. Things like swearing, yelling at the referee or other players, being unsafe, or cheating in the game are all infractions that could draw a yellow card. The referee has this discretion. Red cards can be awarded automatically without warning if the referee feels it is justified. Red cards carry an automatic ejection from the match. The player must leave the GYM after receiving a red card or two yellow cards.  Players ejected from a match will have their case review by the discipline committee and further suspension or action may be enforced at the discretion of this committee. All RED CARDS can carry a one game suspension. Players earning a second red card in the tournament will be suspended for two games. If a player receives a third red card they will be removed from the tournament with no refund.

Further to game play the National Dodgeball Festival will not allow players to harass another player for any reason including sexual orientation, culture, gender identification, religion, race, sex, language, or any other reason. Failure to follow this policy may result in removal from the tournament. The N.D.F. is an inclusive event and demands that all players be respectful and supportive of all participants.

I agree to abide by the fair play policy during the 2015 tournament. I understand the expectations and the penalties for various infractions in the National Dodgeball Festival.


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