The festival uses WBDF rules but we have made some small modifications. Complete rules can be found on the website.

Games will be officiated by one referee.  Our referees are trained in the competitive leagues and will be visiting from London, Ottawa, Toronto, North Bay and Mississauga, Sarnia, Winnipeg and beyond. Medal Games will have two officials where possible.

The Equipment

Players may not where sticky tape, gloves or chalk during the festival or any other catching aid. We know players like chalk but the floor conditions are greatly affected by its use and therefore for safety we will not allow chalk or other catching aids. Players will be ejected from matches for violation.

The Match

Matches will be 20 minutes of game play divided into two 10 minute halves with a three minute half time.

Matches ending in a tie during round robin matches will remain a tie.


Players cannot catch a ball or trap it after it has hit the fence. The fence makes the ball dead.


Players may reach over the center line to retrieve a ball but may not use an object to balance.

Sudden Death

There will be no come backs during sudden death. Once you are knocked out you are out for the remainder of the game once sudden death starts. No blocking is allowed in sudden death

One on One

When a during any set the situation is a one on one, then the one bounce rule will come into effect. Players may catch a one bounce ball to save themselves but it doesn’t eliminate the thrower.

Referees will start a new game in the first half if the previous game ends with 30 seconds or more left on the clock

Referees will start a new game in the second half if the previous game ends with 30 seconds or more left on the clock.

If the buzzer sounds to end the match in the second half and the game is score spread is 2 points or more there will be no sudden death overtime played.

Ball Retrievers

There will be no ball retrievers used during the festival.

Opening Rush False Starts

Teams are given one warning per match. The second false start results in loss of a player for that set. Further penalties can be assessed should the official think a team is cheating deliberately. See the rules on opening rush for further clarification.

National Dodgeball Festival 2019